Bring your Home Live, with iLife

V3s Pro will transforms your house into rich visuals for you to enjoy Dust free life. Stay in the know, spot mark as they happen, and push your imagination further.

iLife V3s Pro

With powerful suction and AirAway Technology, pets shedding and home dirt are easily handled.

  • Loving pets shed, what if you are busy.
  • Powerful suction & AirAway technology.
  • Just one click, the mission is on.

Retail Price: 21,990

Discounted Price: 16,990/-

Shipment : 1-2 Business Days

V5s Pro-2 in 1 Hybrid Robot Vacuum

How you are relieved with V5s Pro hybrid vacuuming and mopping robot vacuum, save free time for family, save money for better life.

  • One robot vacuum, 2 cleaning patterns.
  • Max mode for stronger cleaning.
  • i-Dropping Technology.
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Retail Price: 28,990

Discounted Price: 20,700/-

Shipment : 1-2 Business Days

iLife V50

iLife V50 - The new powerful robot vacuum cleaner with Dry Mopping.

  • Pick up Dirt without Tangles.
  • Dry Mopping Mode with NanoFiber Cleaning Pad.
  • High Performance Filter.

Retail Price: 30,000

Discounted Price: 21,700/-

Shipment : 1-2 Business Days


Smart Planned Cleaning Robot Vacuum with APP Contro

  • The upgraded CyclonePower cleaning system and accurate planned cleaning system help A7 to achieve maximum coverage and high cleaning efficiency.
  • User-friendly & anti-stuck
  • OBS All-Terrain Detection System.
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Retail Price: 28,990

Discounted Price: 20,700/-

Shipment : 1-2 Business Days

Life is more enjoyable when we can spend more time with our family and pets in comfotable, clean and safe environment. This is why iLife brings robot cleaning technology into your everyday life. Our robot cleaners have helped more than millions of families for years around the world to create a clean living environment.

But this is only the begining.

As a world's leading robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, we continue to research into robot cleaning technology, developing products that make home cleaning even easier and more efficient.

From powerful & Smart Cleaning Partner series to Friendly & Multiple Cleaning Helper Series, our multifunctional robot cleaners autonomously handle indoor dust, dirt and pet shedding, reducing hassle factors.

With iLife's robot cleaning technology, you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.

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